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Author: jasmin

June 24 Webinar Introduction – Super Soldiers and Ascended Masters

On June 24th Dr. Michael Salla presented compelling historical and contemporary evidence surrounding the disclosure of Supersoldiers and highly evolved spiritual beings described as Ascended Masters. This is an introduction to that presentation. Watch on YouTube, Bitchute, Brighteon and Odysee For full version visit: Vimeo (without Q&A) – click here Brighteon (without Q&A) – click […]

Anunnaki Mining Operations & Advanced Stone Technologies in Southern Africa

Michael Tellinger has written four books, the most popular of which was Slave Species of the Gods (2012), in which he wrote about the role of the Anunnaki in genetically creating homo sapiens and other hominoid species for use as slave labor in mining operations. He believes that the chief Anunnaki scientist, Enki, imprinted early […]

Exopolitics Today – Week in Review with Dr Michael Salla – July 1, 2023

Dr. Michael Salla covers the top exopolitics news stories from June 24 to 30, 2023, which passage of a Senate Intelligence Committee bill that compels government contractors to disclose what they know about UAP/UFO projects, intelligence community psyops against UFO/exopolitics community targets, a proposed open Congressional hearing on whistleblower testimony, and more. This is the […]

How Extraterrestrials Use Slave Labor to build new Stars – Interview with Tony Rodrigues

In his newly released book, Project Starmaker, Tony Rodrigues discusses how extraterrestrials engage in star-making projects that are designed to build and ignite stars in gaseous nebula so suitable habitats can be created for life to flourish. He claims he spent ten years as a pilot on a star-making project as part of a deal […]

JP Update – US Military working with Nordic ETs in Time Travel research on Space Arks

On June 23, 2023, JP, who currently serves with the US Army, was taken to an undisclosed location with five military personnel from different nations who were all multilingual. They met at the location with Nordic-looking extraterrestrials who worked with scientists to develop time travel technology. In the main room where the multinational team went, […]

Time Travel, UFO Crash Retrievals & Ancient Magic – Week in Review Exopolitics Today

Dr. Michael Salla covers the top exopolitics news stories from July 1 to 6, 2023, concerning university professors studying ancient texts on magic; exoracism; sensitive JFK assassination files continue to be withheld; starmaking projects; studying Foreign Material Exploitation and UFO crash retrieval programs; orbs being flight tested at Area 51; time travel, and more. This […]

Understanding Anunnaki History, the Return of Enki and the Impact on UFO Disclosure

Elena Danaan has had several face to face meetings and maintains regular communications with Enki/Ea since his return to our solar system in 2021. During that time he has shared with her detailed knowledge about the history of Earth and the role his half-brother, Enlil/Yuh had in the destruction of Atlantis and the Great Flood. […]

How Anunnaki history influenced the Bible and what it means Today

Paul Wallis spent 33 years in Christian Ministry where he became a Church Doctor and Archdeacon in the Anglican Church. He has authored four books understanding the extent to which Christian, Hebrew and other world religions are influenced by ancient contact with extraterrestrial life. In his latest book, The Eden Conspiracy (2023) he presents new […]

Exopolitics Today – Week in Review – July 15, 2023

US Congress takes action on UFOs, Anunnaki History & the Bible, China’s Space Navy & reverse aging In the July 15 edition of Exopolitics Today – Week in Review – Congressman Tim Burchett reveals in new interviews that he’s seen classified files on otherworldly UFOs that can travel underwater and can obliterate Earth’s defenses. New […]

Origins and Truth behind Alien Gray Videos – Interview with Sean David Morton

Sean David Morton, Ph.D., was among the original group of researchers investigating the origins and truth behind several videos that first appeared in the early 1990s showing Gray-looking aliens that were filmed, interrogated or autopsied. In his second Exopolitics Today interview, Morton shares his first-hand knowledge of the Gray alien videos and comments on their […]